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"Maine" Bicentennial Basket -- celebrating Maine's 200 birthday!

Commemorating Maine's 200th birthday, March 15, 2020, this mini bread basket is both decorative and versatile.  Woven in shades of natural, blue, and green and sporting a double wave design it also has a hand-printed cloth based on Maine's original flag featuring the pine tree and north star.  The basket cloths are printed using my own "Maine" potato prints cut from genuine Maine pototoes.  

Maine Bicentennial bread basket
40.00 USD

Mini bread basket, measures approximately 11" X 6" , woven in shades of natural, blue, and green with double wave trim. Comes with "Maine potato" hand-printed Maine "first flag" cloth. SHIPPING INCLUDED

"Rosy's Bluets"....a fairy tale 

"Rosy's Bluets", written and illustrated by Pamela Rackliffe Capurso is reminiscent of the "Little Golden Books" for children, Rosy's story begins, as all good fairy tales do, with "Once upon a...". Based on the real "Goodnight Rose Moon", the first foal born on our farm, it opens with the arrival of a new baby horse who was born under the full "pink" moon of April.  Rosy begins a charmed life having received a kiss from the moon and given the gift of magic moon dust.  As she spends her first day frolicking through the pasture a wondrous event happens and all the birds, the moon, the sun, and the stars marvel at the unfolding miracle .  In keeping with a real day the book travels from deep midnight blue pages through purple, rose, orange and sky blue then back again.     A "goodnight read" from Goodnight Farm!  Illustrations are printed from original collages using photographs of the real "Rosy".  $20.00

20.00 USD

Written and illustrated by Pamela Rackliffe Capurso, 28 pages. PRICE: $20.00 INCLUDES SHIPPING

Wedding Basket




The Wedding Basket makes a wonderful gift and long lasting rememberance of that special day!  Measuring about 8" across by 8" deep and 13" long it is the perfect gift filled with goodies or just plain good wishes.



105.00 USD

THE WEDDING BASKET, adorned Algonquin decorative curls, suggests a festive occasion to be celebrated. 13"X8"X14" to top of handle $105.00 USD SHIPPING INCLUDED

Fishing Creel




This creel is perfect for the fisherperson in your life; maybe a gift for dad?  Woven with natural randing and accented with a smoked three-rod wale this creel measures 12" long by 8" deep and 8" high complete with leather hinges and strap and treated with a tung oil finish.   SOLD


Penland Pottery Basket

The Penland Potter basket is a twined and braided basket which was named in tribute to the potters of the Toe River Valley section in Western North Carolina.  Basket is approximately 8-1/2" high by 11" in diameter.


Appalachian Egg Basket

The Appalachian Egg Basket, whose name is derived from the purpose for which it was made, gathering eggs from the hen house, is ridged in the middle to prevent the eggs from rolling against each other and breaking.  This ridge also allowed for the basket to sit on the hip while gathering the eggs or to sit on the back of a horse or mule on the way to market.

Aroostook Potato Basket                 SOLD OUT 2021

Our 14" Aroostook Potato basket has been "beefed" up turning it into a real "work horse" for the garden or at Farmer's Market.  This basket is perfect for use with CSA's [Community Supported Agriculture]. Simply take it to the farm to be filled with produce and reuse it for the entire season.  The handle has been upgraded to a 1" oak handle  while the rim has been reinforced with 3/4" oak.  Optional handle imprint reading "Community Supported Agriculture" available. 


Classic Aroostook Potato Basket     SOLD OUT 2021

A perennial favorite, the classic Aroostook Potato Basket has a charm all it's own. Originally used to harvest potatoes before mechanization this abundant basket still works for harvesting from the garden, toting produce from Farmer's Market, cradling magazines, toys, mittens and scarfs.  For those with a simpler taste in baskets this elegant offering is sure to please.

Garlic baskets!  For the cook...

20.00 USD

For the cook in your life! This little basket hangs from the kitchen cupboard knob always keeping that ever essential ingredient, garlic, right at the cook's finger tips! Available in green, blue, red or natural, please specify. SHIPPING INCLUDED

Go Green Tote  SOLD OUT 2021

My newest market basket is dressed in a stenciled border of white pine sprigs offset by a double border of forest green arrow weave finished with a scalloped braided border and embellished with a stoneware white pine accouterment,  18"X8"X14"


Milkweed Pod in Summer Hues

I love color and have been playing around with new concepts for baskets.  This basket has part of my grapevine lashed together for the rim with round reed weavers dyed in summer shades of blues, peach, greens and red.  When I began this basket the shape reminded me of a mussel shell but as it progressed it began to resemble half of a milkweed pod, hence the name, Milkweed Pod in Summer Hues.  The basket measures 25 inches long and about 10 inches across.  It is a shallow, irregular basket and would be a lovely accent piece in the home.


Farmer's Market Locations:

Tuesdays beginning in June, 9:30-12:00 at the Brooksville Farmer's Market located in the parking lot of the Community Center in South Brooksville.   

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Brooksville, Maine, Farmer's Market
Stonington Farmer's Market


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