...more wire-woven jewelry

Copper/bead earrings
15.00 USD

1-3/4" copper/bead drop earrings. Copper ear wires; crystal beads. Crafted by Pamela Rackliffe, Goodnight Farm, Brooksville, ME. a) ROSE GOLD BEADS, ONE PAIR AVAILABLE; b) BLUE IRIDESCENT BEADS, ONE PAIR AVAILABLE. PRICE: $15.00 - SHIPPING INCLUDED. Please specify A or B.

Woven copper with charcoal beads earrings
20.00 USD

2" copper drop earrings; copper posts; wire-woven with charcoal beading. Crafted by Pamela Rackliffe, Goodnight Farm, Brooksville, Maine; ONE PAIR AVAILABLE; PRICE: $20.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED.

Beach stone necklace
50.00 USD

Wire wrapped polished beach stone; copper and glass beads wire-woven setting; black leather lanyard; copper toggle closure; approximately 16" neck opening; stone hangs 2-1/4". **ONE AVAILABLE** PRICE: $50.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED

...more needle felting

Winter duckling
75.00 USD

Quacking and ready for snow! This 5" tall duckling is decked out in his winter finery. Handcrafted of 100% merino wool [except for hat and scarf], by Pamela Rackliffe, Goodnight Farm, Brooksville, ME. PRICE: $75.00 - SHIPPING INCLUDED.

Peter Rabbit
75.00 USD

Peter Rabbit, the perfect addition to Mr. McGregor stands 7" tall [might be better as "Harvey"]. Needle felted of 100% merino wool. Peter comes his own handwoven basket filled with decorated eggs. PRICE: $75.00 INCLUDES SHIPPING

Tree Frog
75.00 USD

Our whimsical tree frog is perched in his driftwood tree; he will delight young and old and he invites you to "lean on me" when your not strong! Frog is 100% merino wool...tree is 100% driftwood. Frog and tree stand 9" tall. PRICE: $75.00 INCLUDES SHIPPING

...more baskets

Mesa Basket
125.00 USD

Inspired by Native American pottery forms and woven in three-rod wale incorporating a subtle spiral weave. Ti-twining adds texture to the sides before the basket shapes inward. Measures approximately 16" in diameter by 12" high. PRICE: $125.00 INCLUDES SHIPPING

...and more stuff

Balsam Sachet
10.00 USD

Maine's own aromatherapy...Heaven scent balsam sachet; like taking a walk in the woods! Perfect stress reliever. Approximately 5" long; handcrafted by Pamela Rackliffe, Goodnight Farm, Brooksville, ME. Sustainably harvested balsam fir. PRICE: $10.00 - SHIPPING INCLUDED

Hawk Tail Whisk Broom
20.00 USD

The hawk tail whisk is a classic style from the 19th century. This whisk has a stufdy sweep that is designed like the fan of a Hawk's tail. Crafted in natural & black broom corn by Pamela Rackliffe, Goodnight Farm, Brooksville, ME PRICE: $20.00 - SHIPPING INCLUDED

Turkey Wing Whisk Broom
20.00 USD

Turkey wing whisks originated in the South in the late 1700's; sold as a replacement for the real turkey wings used for sweeping tables, floors, or the hearth; form follows the curve of a turkey wing. Crafted in natural broom corn by Pamela Rackliffe PRICE: $20.00 - SHIPPING INCLUDED

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